Southeast Power Engineering Ltd specializes in identifying and developing difficult hydropower sites with a focus on overcoming the many engineering, construction, environmental and political challenges. There is still much potential in the UK for hydropower development; with a history of over 20,000 mill sites and weir structures.

By selecting appropriate technology and utilizing creative construction techniques, Southeast Power Engineering is leading the way in developing carbon free power and developing the natural resources in the UK, Europe and the USA, in environmentally sound ways.

Constructing or renewing a hydropower site can be a complex and potentially expensive proposition. Southeast Power Engineering can help along with our investment partners at Summit Asset Management.

Developing, financing and operating carbon free hydropower sites is our business.

Southeast Power Engineering can provide a wide range of services and financing arrangement so if you want to develop a site or if you simply believe there may be potential in a weir, mill or mountain stream, contact us!

Installation of a low-head Archimedes Screw type generator
Installation of a low-head Archimedes Screw type generator