Southeast Power Engineering can offer a wide variety of Services to help customers build their own hydropower facility or Southeast Power Engineering is ready to invest, develop and operate sites in partnership with customers.

Southeast Power Engineering Investment and Development

Southeast Power Engineering can help those with high potential hydropower sites. We bring experienced designers, operators and financiers together to make our projects successful.  Give us a call or write us if you have a location that you think merits development; a flowing steam, an unused mill, a weir or reservoir that you believe might merit development, please give us a call (or write us) and we’d love to work with you to investigate the possibilities.  Small and medium scale hydropower is a terrific way to create GREEN power for our future and for our planet.

Helping Customers build their own facility

Southeast Power Engineering can provide any level of support desired on small medium sized hydropower facilities anywhere in the world. The services available to clients include such things as:

  • Site Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design
  • Detailed Design
  • License Application
  • Construction Management
  • System Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance

Site Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design

This is primarily a preliminary study of the potential site for viability, requirements and rough order of magnitude cost of development and potential revenue.

  • Site visit and measurements
  • Estimate of flow available and potential energy available
  • Determination of potential turbines appropriate for site
  • Outline of requirements for facility
  • Outline of final facility design
  • Preliminary estimate of costs and revenues

Detailed Design

  • Detailed Design includes generating the detailed plans and documentation and acquiring budgetary quotes for equipment and installation.

License Application(s)

  • Working with Environmental Agency, Planning Authorities and other stakeholders
  • Development of environmental report detailing environmental risks and mitigation plans
  • Development of presentation materials for reviewers, planners and stakeholders
  • Formal application for required licenses and permissions

Construction Management

  • Finalizing business arrangements with the electrical utilities
  • Final selection of contractors and equipment
  • Final costing
  • Management of facility construction
  • Developing purchasing agreements with customers for electrical power

System Commissioning

Commissioning includes the integration of the system components; electrical, mechanical, control, etc…. as well as testing. It can also include operations and maintenance training if needed.

Operation and Maintenance

In some instances and location Southeast Power Engineering can offer continued operations and maintenance support.